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Tyler Thoren

A fool for adventure and a reluctant photographer...what an odd description of a person, no? 


Tyler has lived and loved photography for his entire life. Images express emotion, and captured moments equate to feelings that words will never bring to life. Pictures are snippets-in-time of events, while a photograph is an endeavour to elevate that event to an experience.

His mantra?... You can take a picture, yet you must work to produce a photograph.

A life lived in and surrounded by, the Wild.

For two decades Tyler led clients from around the world across Western Canada in search of the greatest sights, the most spectacular wildlife, and the humblest of moments in the Canadian Wilderness. An entrepreneur in his own right, he used his experience and knowledge to create one of the most highly rated tour companies in Banff National Park.  He never took photographs himself during this time. It was always the experience of being there that drove him. From sunsets over the glaciers to Grizzlies feeding on salmon during the spawn. He always sat and watched while his guests clicked away. His most popular saying is, and always will be, as follows:

'Take the time to watch and experience what you are seeing in real-time before hiding behind the viewfinder of your camera. You might be the only living being to experience this, enjoy it. Then, if there is time for it, take pictures and create something else just as beautiful...'

What drove him to begin his journey as a photographer? It was always there, the passion and love for nature. The pandemic created a void that could be filled though. With international visitors no longer coming, and a tourism market wilted to nothing, time became an incredible asset. Tyler began living like a tourist in his own home yet with one distinct advantage...years of experience. It became simple, in a way, to go to all of the locations and use all of his knowledge to photograph wildlife and wild places on his own. For two decades he had been leading visitors to the best places to view wildlife, and his knowledge of their behaviour has led to the amazing collection that he is now offering.

Tyler is still living in Banff National Park with his wife and best friend Shannon. Her knowledge of art and exceptional bird spotting skills make them an unbeatable team. And he would like to credit every great photo here to her.

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